Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayday! May Day!

Wednesday at work:

Girl: Did someone dump you today?
Me: No, why? Does it look like someone dumped me?
Girl: Yeah, it does.

Note to self: wear eye makeup.


  1. AHHAHAHHAA. Oh jod, i hope it's appropriate to laugh, because that's what I'm doing. Don't you love it when people say stuff like that to you. A few months back, one of the residents told me I didn't look good and needed to stand straighter. Teresa flashback.

  2. Let me guess...Could this be the same person who told me I have a "moon face"? We really need to get that blog going again... :)

  3. What's worse is when you actually get ready for the day and assume you look ok, and someone still tells you, you look tired or asks if you are sick....

  4. Feath, it is totally appropriate to laugh. I did almost immediately. I'm developing a thick skin.