Saturday, May 2, 2009

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand

So, I'm moving. Not anywhere far away or exciting really, just from Orem to Provo again.

I hate moving with a fiery passion.

Today I:
  • took pictures of all the tiny things wrong with the apartment so I don't get charged for them.
  • moved furniture.
  • visited my invalid friend HoJo and also Piz.
  • considered very strongly the thought of quitting and watching a movie with them.
  • bought and carried 8 cinder blocks to raise my bed up.
  • moved a small amount of stuff.
  • discovered I have no source of light in my room.
  • slid down three stairs, almost falling all the way down, while carrying too much stuff.
  • took a quick trip to Ikea.
  • procured a bookshelf for twenty bones and a lamp for ten. Plus some trash cans and book ends and a tiny easel. And a hot dog.
  • also carried that dang book shelf around. It weighs 43 lbs according to the box.
  • was mooned while driving.
  • went bowling.
  • started to assemble the bookshelf when I decided that having the lamp put together would be helpful.
  • put the lamp together only to realize that I didn't have any light bulbs.
  • put the whole dang bookshelf together by myself.
  • and I did it right the first time.
  • put my DVDs on the shelves.
What a thrilling day, right?

In summary: If DVDs were the only thing I owned, I would be all moved in.

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