Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking back on old love, or lack thereof

Perhaps I ran into an ex of sorts yesterday. I did what many of you would have done, I took a picture and sent it to my best friend Heather in Texas. Then again, maybe you wouldn't have done that.

It sent us both into fits of laughter as we reminisced. Us being Heather and I. Mr. D and I didn't speak. I tried to say hello but he didn't hear. Mr. D is an interesting guy with some funny quirks.

Heath, remember that time our Korean roommate cooked us dinner and burnt half the chicken? And then you, Mr. D, Mama T and I watched The Sound of Music?

Mr. D, if you happen to see this and think it's creepy, it was no less creepy of you to clearly stare at my friend and I eating through the window.


  1. Do I know this Mr. D? I think I do, not even a hello? He's lame...

  2. I am obsessed with you. Oh my gosh this is hilarious. The chicken!! ROFL ROFL remember "the kitchen is in the chicken...uh, no the CHICKEN is in the KITCHEN" she could never get it right. That was such a fun day. So many memories of choking down her food that she so kindly made for me. I miss you!! I'm excited for our easter chat.

  3. HAHA, you made me laugh on a Monday morning, not easily done! We didn't hang out last week :( Do you have any time next week?