Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A quick game of chess with the salt and pepper shakers

I need you, the lovely people who read my blog, to weigh in on something.

Last night I was talking with some friends and I mentioned plans with my coworker (that's you Sadie). One of my friends interrupted me and laughed at me. He claims that no one uses the word coworker. I asked him what he calls the people he works with and he said, "dude I work with." That comment led to the quote of the night, which was "girls can be dudes, easily."

So, my question is this: What do you call the people you work with when referencing them in conversation?

And, just for a little spice, here's a picture of my friend Will about the same time as this conversation. He claimed he was "wide awake".


  1. You are my coworker and I refer to Ash as my supervisor and Holly my superior. Easy peasy. That's fo real.

  2. Coworker is acceptable. Especially because you have a real job. And girls are not dudes. I don't think I like that.

  3. I prefer to be called "Boss", "Super", "Always Right"...But coworker works as well. Heather still refuses to call me her friend :)

  4. I most often refer to the person I work with as Booger, but if I worked in the professional world (and the people I worked with were adults) it would definitely be coworker.

  5. i believe i have said the word coworker recently in the past week. what are the alternatives really? i mean dan calls me presidente and other things (which i really like) but normal people would say coworker i feel. your friend is a fool. is that an acceptable word?