Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's never enough to stay still and hold you

Am I the only one freaking out that it's almost August?

I'm actually a little afraid of the next few weeks. I get this feeling like after a few weeks life is going to change, like I would go back to school again. This if false though. Nothing really changes for me personally. Perhaps it's the changes that are happening for everyone else that scare me. Friends are getting married, moving away, starting grad school, having babies and other frightening things like that.

I can't keep up.

The next few weeks are almost scheduled down to the hour. I'm going to California for a few days to see a beach volleyball tournament and then almost turning right back around and going to Wisconsin to see family. Meanwhile Erica is moving to Boston, Jessie (and Wade and Peanut) are moving to Logan, and Anna is moving too. Becky's going back to California again. (She likes to tear my heart out every summer.) Soon Ashley will have her babe and I won't see her quite as often. Sam/Andy got married and so did Emily/Scott. I already miss them. Two of my girls from work are going home while I'm gone. Do you see why I'm freaking out? I also have 3 friends in 3 different musicals that I would like to see before the shows close. (If you are interested in seeing Melissa L. in Singin' in the Rain, Corinne in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or Melissa T. in The Fantasticks let me know, we should get a group together.) I should also try to work and earn some money at some point too.

Also, my little sister is almost 12. Half my age. That is crazy. This is how I'll probably always remember her:

But soon she'll be 12 and going to junior high. Highly inappropriate.

So, that's why I'm freaking out.

Meanwhile! Look! I made an icon to replace the orange blogger b! So fancy.


  1. How did you get your writing at the top of your blog to look like that?

  2. What? How did you make this icon? I am impressed.