Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fishing in the dark

I haven't done any work quotes in a while.

This one was funny because it is true. Well, at least the last part.
Girl: Jodi, are you dating?
Me: What do you think? Am I dating?
Girl: Well, you're really cute but... you're here a lot.
I still don't get this one:
Me: What kind of fruit can I get for you?
Girl: UGH! You are picking on me and stressing me out!
In reference to seeing an upcoming Boyz II Men concert:
Girl: I'm excited to see those grandpas dance!


  1. This has officially made me not dread coming back to fact, I may be a little excited! Don't tell anyone I said that though :)

  2. Not that I want to actually work with you guys...just be an observer for the rest of my life.