Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lady come down

Today I worked on some home improvements. Previous roommates had removed what I hear was an ugly wallpaper border but then discovered that the walls now look like this:

Perhaps you can see that we now have two colors of white on the wall. Perhaps you can't see that since I had to use the flash as there is no such thing as natural light in our living room. Ah, luxurious apartment living.

Chala and I decided that since that discoloration had to be concealed and our landlords never got back to us about painting (The least of current worries if you could see my bathroom ceiling. Or our AC. Or my carpet.) we thought a ribbon might work. While not our favorite color in the world it matches our carpet:

And yes, that is What Not to Wear in the background.

Meanwhile, outside we were having some home improvements done as well:

That's striping not stripping although, Aaron did have his shirt off so maybe it's a dual service?


  1. Is that why you never call...because I don't have my shirt off outside? Who's this Aaron guy? Should I be jealous?

  2. that ribbon is such a cute idea! I love it!