Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me, I'm gonna live forever. I feel alive.

Last Tuesday: Really, this story starts a long time ago. I once loved a band named The Format. I was introduced to The Format during a time where I had a solid group of friends and their music became the soundtrack to our adventures. It was a very good year for me of pushing myself to trying new things. A year that culminated in my first out of the country experience to Costa Rica. The end of that summer our little group sort of disbanded, not because of a fight or any hard feelings but rather marriages, school transfers, people moving, and the sorts of horribly wonderful things the fall can sometimes bring. I still loved The Format but slowly listened less and less. They were tied to a place in time for me. Not too long after our group moved on The Format broke up. I remember that Feather cried. To me it seemed somewhat symbolic. Their website said something to the effect of the band members not fighting but just needing to move on.
Nate Reuss, the former lead singer of The Format has formed a new band: fun. They remind me of the things I loved most about The Format but they are noticably different. Almost older for lack of a better word. Perfect for where I am now compared to where I was when I fell in love with The Format.

I mentioned their new CD the other day and Tuesday Chala and I went to their meet and greet at Grey Whale and then their concert. It was their first headlining show of their tour and they sold out Kilby Court. (Which from what I hear from knowledgeable sources never happens.)

We were stuck in the back. The very back by the wall and also by the heating unit that I found with my head when I was jumping to try and see the band. It was a beautiful concert from any spot in the venue. Can I again say it was a beautiful show? They are very good live and I fully believe it was enriching to my soul. I'm in love with their music and haven't stopped listening to it since the show.

On the way back to the car I realized that I didn't have my keys. I was so exicted for the concert I got my camera, my phone, my card/id and put my purse (also containing my keys) in the trunk since we were parked in an unlit, slightly sketchy area. Chala posed on the car until a car pulled up next to us and sat there for a while and we retreated to a cab dispatch building with lights. Luckily they knew a guy who could get me into my car for less than half the price everyone else had quoted me.

Reunited with our signed posters.

At the end of the show we were standing by the sound booth. Since the guy in the booth kept looking at a paper I assumed he had a set list. Once the show was over I asked him if I could have it. He told me it wasn't a set list but rather the band's stage layout but I could have it if I wanted. I of course took it and was DELIGHTED to find that it also had some phone numbers and email addresses on it. Particularly the phone number of Nate Ruess, the lead singer.
I haven't used the phone number yet. But don't you think I have to at least once? That kind of information just doesn't come along everyday right?

I <3 fun.


  1. Jodi, you're incredible. A friend of mine had the phone number of the personal assistant for Steven Seagal. She called it a few times pretending to be an old friend of Steven's. She finally got his house number...ahahha!! You should totally call it. Please let me know what happens! Oh, and if you have my number, call me sometime!

  2. sweet! i love the signed poster! frame that baby!