Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#1 - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Well, I've started. Saying I would bake 104 things this year has both seemed like a daunting challenge and then a underachieving goal. I realize that I'm crazy. Once I started trying to choose what to actually begin baking for my goal so many things looked good. So many that I thought I was going to end up baking 4 things last weekend. Luckily for my behind I only ended up baking two things, the first of which was this pineapple upside down cake. I was especially excited because I got to use several of my Christmas gifts in the process. (Look mom! They're not just gathering dust!)

Anyway, about the cake. I used a recipe from one of my favorite Food Network dudes, Alton Brown. It was tasty but the very center of the side without pineapple was kinda dry but apparently not dry enough to keep my coworkers from scarfing it down. Another plus? My apartment smelled like the caramelized dark brown sugar for a few days.

Would I bake it again? Sure, but I would make a few adjustments so it isn't so dry on the cake side.

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  1. Yum! I am afraid I will miss a lot of those 104 recipes. Please save some baking until I get back!
    Also, I love you too, and would love to do Timp Caves when the snow melts, to help you with that 26 list :o)