Monday, January 10, 2011

I’ve got a rocket, you’re going on it

Dear Seven People Who Read my Blog,

I have a special treat for you today! I would like to present to you a story written by one of my girls, typos included. Consider yourself lucky.



The Ultimate Space Search

There were three girls named Jodi, Brittany and Rachel. They were about to go off in the ultimate space search for the ultimate burrito. Finally, the day came and they blasted off. Brittany and Rachel were very excited and ready to explore looking for ingredients. Jodi on the other hand had more on her mind. She was growing old and was ready to settle down and make mini-mormons.

"Oh well, " she thought, "how could I manage a relationship wile in search for the ultimate burrito?"

She decided to not tell her BFF's, Brittany and Rachel, because she didn't want them distracted. First, they blasted out of the galaxy and headed for a yellowish planet to the right. They arrived to the planet and discovered it was full of Jewish chinchillas. They headed toward the main one who was sitting on a throne.

"Squeak, squeakers," he spoke.

"Oh no!" said Rachel, "we don't speak chinchilla!"

"I do! Don't worry, I'll translate," said Brittany. Brittany chit-chatted a bit with the king chinchilla and discovered his name was Joseph Smith. Brittany discovered that they make a special cheese on the planet. Eager to find it she scurried after Smith who wanted to give her a tour. Brittany first told Rachel and Jodi to just entertain themselves. As soon as they were alone an English speaking chinchilla came up to them and said, "You've fell into our trap," and whistled. Rachel and Jodi got very scared, and before they knew it they were surrounded by chinchillas. They started to attack and repeated the phrase "all hail Sean Kingston".

"This is so un-Mormon" Jodi yelled as she flung a chinchilla off her leg.

"Mormon? We aren't Mormon. Were wicken and obey our leader Sean Kingston!" Suddenly a blue space ship swung down and grabbed Rachel and Jodi. To there suprise Brittany was in there too sitting with two large blue aliens!

"Those chinchillas were evil! Thank God were saved, Oh! This is Havier and Cliff," said Brittany. Brittany had already explained there situation to Havier and Cliff. They had told her no one had ever survived the search for the ultimate burrito. Jodi found Cliff, and Havier especially attractive. She didn't know why but she kept finding herself strangely staring at Haviers beauty. He finally asked to give her a tour of the ship. Jodi nodded yes.

"Jodi," Havier said as they waslked off, "You are such an amazing Mormon! You're always showing you're inner Mormon. I love you!"

"Oh Havier! We need to have you come back to Utah, I love you too!" yelled Jodi.

They ran back to tell Cliff, Brittany and Rachel of there plans and headed back to earth. The girls got there old jobs back, and Havier became 4th staff. A few months passed and Jodi and Havier got married. They had found true Mormon love and lived happily ever after.


Later I'll delight you with a picture of Havier the girls made for me.


  1. This is the best story I've ever read. Aren't you relieved that you know the name of your future husband now?

  2. this is the homeless girl right?

  3. Bahaha! Oh, man. "She was growing old and was ready to settle down and make mini-mormons." That story just made my day. Thanks for sharing. :)