Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cooking raw with the Brooklyn boy

So, I went on the work snow mobile trip again this year and learned a very important lesson that I wish to impart to any soul so lucky as to read this blog. May my experience be a lesson to all.


If you happen to embark on a weekend trip to a cabin surrounded by at least four feet of snow and then upon entering your cabin find that in a basement window well two skunks have become stuck by said snow I plead with you to follow your initial instinct to call animal services. By all means do not send two clients and an intern to dig out the snow, remove the grate and place a board to act as a ramp from the window well to save the skunks. This will undoubtedly anger the skunks because they lack the higher brain functioning that would allow them to know you are there to help and not harm them. Even if the skunks do not spray your clients and the intern they WILL still spray. You will then realize just how non-airtight the window wells of older cabins are as every item you brought with you will soak in the stench despite locating your belongings as far away in the cabin as it is physically possible to locate them. This might induce headaches, fuzzy thinking or at least a strong desire to ultimate punch every skunk in the world. In any case it is helpful to note that the laundromat by Cafe Rio has free dryers until 3pm because you will want to wash out your sleeping bags. And your pillow. And anything else remotely porous*.

You are welcome.

*You will be surprised to find out how many of your belongings are porous.


  1. I'm sure you don't consider yourself as a belonging but you are, by definition, porous. I hope you didn't have to use said dryers or any other means of cleansing combined with an alternative method of drying to remove said odor from the large hearted hero/animal rights activists. Free the skunks just don't anger them. Lesson learned! And sincerely, thank you for describing the need for assistance you desired so I too may seek this assistance form the wonderful local animal services if I am ever in this exact predicament or one even remotely similar.

  2. I am just guessing here but I would assume animal control would have caused the same predicament, just a thought.