Monday, March 1, 2010

I feel you in my knees

Hello March!

I'm very happy to see you. You see, February was not the best month ever. Not even close. So I'm looking forward to enjoying you, March. You already look very promising with a snowmobiling trip, the Festival of Colors, several birthdays, two weddings and the third annual Pi Night. Plus I need to use you to prepare my presentation for the conference. (Eek!) I'm also looking forward to your warmer temperatures and less bulky clothing.

You really couldn't have come at a better time.

Good riddance, February!


  1. Maybe March (or April) could also include a trip east. That would make it more fun for you AND me!

  2. yeah feb was...interesting. I love you girl and I look forward to finding what adventures this month brings our way, lol. hehe

  3. I'm feeling that way with March. May have a similar post on my blog come April. Love ya Jod. Hang in there G.