Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's a reason strong moves slow

Festival of Colors
In 2008 we stayed far away from the mosh pit craziness.
In 2009 we were in and out of the madness so fast the only pictures I got were in the car.
2010 brought possibly the worst parking experience but the most fun I've ever had at the festival despite being kicked in the head by a crowd surfer.


After:(Dan W, Zach, Mike, Josh, Becca, Leah, Chuck, Chala, Danny M, Brandon, Lisa, Christine and me!)

All the fun we had in between:

Danny's face changed colors about 8 times.
(I'm just now realizing that these three were all my doing. Oops? :) )

Leah and I are pretty cute.
Sometimes we couldn't breathe.
The boys protected us in the mosh pit.
Before the throwing actually started we had to sit down for some reason but there wasn't really room so we made a giant spoon.
Chuck was there.

I'm led to believe that the Festival of Colors never disappoints.
Also let's just say that a certain part of my body was dyed for about a week despite my exfoliating efforts.

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