Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our state fair is a great state fair

The Utah State Fair was full of joy and woe. Allow me to illustrate:

1. Utah has a pigeon club? JOY!

2. A room full of pigeons meant the chickens had already gone home? WOE. (You know how much I love odd looking chickens. I'm actually a little freaked out about how many times I've talked about chickens on this blog.)

3. Lots of pretty flowers. JOY.

4. Boyz II Men? WOE. And JOY! Tickets for concerts are released at noon on the day of the show so I ran up to Salt Lake and stood in line in the hot hot sun for a hour to get tickets. Only I didn't actually get tickets. Tickets sold out 6 people in front of me. Six! I almost cried. Almost skipped the whole state fair altogether.

We ended up going anyway. I took some girls from work (who I have hilarious pictures of that I'm not allowed to show you but I'll allow you to imagine two cute girls having a lot of fun with Melissa and I.) and we went and stood outside the gate and listened to the last few songs. They opened the gates before the encore and we managed to sneak in and catch an a cappella version of a song plus more awesome dance moves.

I vow that next time Boyz II Men comes to I will camp out to get tickets. I think I can get Melissa to do it with me, right Melis?


  1. I went to the Utah state fair as well and I got trampled by a pig. No...a hog. it was madness and im not lying. trampled. love that you went to boys to men. you crack me up.

  2. So did you join the pigeon club or not??!!

    And yes, you may borrow Josh. Free of charge. Although I think maybe his manliness factor might be hurt by the fact that everyone now knows that he has good taste in purses. Sorry about that, Josh.